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Welcome to SonyStyle Photography.
My name is John Lowell and I thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I have been dealing with photograp

White Balance

Understanding White Balance

Anyone with a digital camera must be aware of the term white balance. Back in the days of film, photographers were not


Gazing upon distance bodies like the stars is a hypnotic thing. We used to stand out in darkness and scan the sky through the use of a telescope. Ex

Hello there!

Welcome to SonyStyle Photography.

My name is John Lowell and I thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I have been dealing with photography for the past 10 years of my life. It has become one of my passions and I love doing it more than anything else in the world. That’s what this website is centered around! Some of my other hobbies include fishing and taking pictures in nature.

There’s nothing better than capturing the beautiful sceneries in forests, around lakes, and just observing animals in their natural habitats. I hope you’ll enjoy the content that you will see throughout this website. Enjoy the beautiful photos you see of gorgeous animals, trees, flowers, plants and anything else that you’ll be able to spot possibly just by walking out your front door! Don’t let these beautiful things right at each and every one of our fingertips go without noticing.

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Digital camera is the most valuable gadget for photographers. The photo-lovers should give the advancement of technology the credit it deserves. Today, everyone wants to own the best quality digital camera that has the incredible DSLR camera lens. Whether for professional or personal use, owning a good quality camera gives one a pleasant and proud feeling.

Categories of cameras

cameraDigital cameras are classified as ultra-compact, compact, semi-pros, and digital SLR. The ultra compact is designed to be the most convenient while the DSLR are high-quality instruments with a tremendous selection of options, including external flashes, lenses, and tripods. Professionals usually use the DSLR cameras.

What to consider when choosing the best camera

Megapixels (Mp)

When selecting a camera, Mp rating is one of the fundamental factors. However, picking a camera by Mp rating alone results in overlooking other options that come with the camera.

Cameras with three Mp are good for simple photos. The camera is sufficiently good to take basic pictures. However, the photos won’t be distinct if the snaps exceed four by six pictures.

Between three and five Mp, the cameras make quality images in various sizes. These are the everyday used cameras.
In between five and ten Mp, you can find substantial cameras for enthusiasts yearning to discover the world of photography.
For professional purposes, choose a camera with more than ten Mp.


Another important aspect of DSLR cameras is zooming. There are two types of the zoom lens; digital and optical zoom. The optic zoom depends on the camera’s lens, magnifying the incoming light, to ensure a far away object seems nearer and bigger. A digital zoom takes the actual picture and amplifies it later.
The optic lens is way too crucial than the digital zoom as it generates higher quality pictures.

Media storage

Before buying any camera, consider the storage factor. There are many formats for storing snaps such as secure digital cards, compact flash, and the new Sony memory stick. Storage space sizing vary from the 8MB cards/sticks saving approximately three dozens of snaps, to the bigger and better 32GB cards/sticks storing more than a hundred photos. For professional purposes buy a camera with a high storage space size.

Comparison of characteristics and cameras


The five top camera manufacturers are Sony, Pentax, Fuji, Nikon, and Canon. These manufacturers produce good, quality cameras. Although, they all have achievements and innovations, Sony has been around for quite some time and has a strong history.

In comparing Fuji and Sony, we’ll consider the following:

Ergonomics; Sony has ergonomics that doesn’t feel like a traditional camera, for example, the a7 series.
Sensors; both Fujifilm and Sony sensors are relatively reliable. Fujifilm’s 24MP APS-C can handle it’s own 24MP full frame sensors and more. Many photographers want the full frame.

Lenses; when it comes to native lenses, Fuji seem to be better, but in the last few years, Sony lenses have taken a significant step forward with the announcement of the G-Master glass. Sony makes the best 85mm lens in the market.
Flashes, other accessories, and support; when it comes to flash systems, the support for Sony come after Canon and Nikon. However, Sony has a lot more third party choices than Fujifilm.


With better ergonomics, sensors and the best 85mm lens in the market, Sony is the best array of cameras for professional or personal use. Also, keep in mind that Sony has a lot more third party options. So, when you go to the shelves ensure you pick Sony.

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